Do you want a movie too?

While JLB only offers still photography (and weird little animated GIFs) I get asked about video all the time. I always tell my clients the same thing: You’ll get the best results from photographer AND videographer if you pair up people who know and work well together. Follow these links to some of my favorite wedding film makers:
Two Penny
Clark Motion Picture Co
Epic Motion
Bella Reel
Lee Thomas Films
Shane Tincu Films
3rd Street Films

All these are very talented and still easy to work with. If you end up hiring someone I don’t recommend for video it might end up making the documentation of your day WORSE. Some Videographers can really get in the way of the photographer. Also, some budget videographers use cheap lighting that can affect the color of the photos (green skin!). Whoever you hire, I’ll do my best to work with them.