2020 Still Had Love

COVID-19 stripped away so much we care about and changed the rest. I spent more time helping my kids at home with school work than I did creating with a camera. While there might not have been big celebrations there were still couple’s committing to each other. Here are some of my photographs from the weirdest year.

Old St Mary
All of my clients receive a few animated GIFs.
“just “belle “bride “groom “bride “couple “kiss “wedding “Detroit “engaged “Detroit “groom “bride “happy “kiss “ceremony “Just “wedding “golden “two

Many people’s weddings plans changed from a big crowd at some grand location to just family in their own back yard. Custom COVID masks were ordered, guests and photographers got tested. Many couples also celebrated their engagement and started planning for a post-covid wedding.

“masked “on “high “blue “purple “light “green “Wayne “love “the “bridal “backyard “parents “seriously yellow love “sunset “lost

Events meant for Saturday ended up on Thursday afternoons. What’s the difference when your favorite people are with you and everyone is having this much fun.

“green “Ann “laughing “Persian “dog “golden “rainbow “Detroit “hug”/ “blue “red “just “flint “the “walking “so “we
“bride “your “maid “city “cool “Woodward “wrapped “drama”/ “foundation “invitation”/ “penthouse “window “church “couple “rainy
“hair “bouquet “shingle “bride “Detroit “DAC “Detroit “Henry “inn “window “autumn

“when “dearborn “groom “bride “wedding “couple “bride “backyard “look “flower “towers”/ “sunset “smoke bomb

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