Unique Custom-Designed Photo Albums

I was a graphic designer before photography took over my life. Combining those skills makes for unique Wedding Albums. Your choice of a full bleed Photo-Cover (Gloss or Matte) or one of many colors of premium leathers. Shown below are just some of the possibilities. If you wish to fit more images in the book, you might want to consider adding more pages and/or upgrading to a 12×12. The albums lay flat and have a less than 1mm page seam. I prefer these albums to the “Seamless” style albums. “Seamless” style pages often do not lay flat when open and are prone to wear out at the fold. I select images and design a layout telling the story of the day. Clients receive proofs online and can request changes.


10×10, 24 page wedding albums – Starting at $900

– Holds approximately 90 images in the included 24 pages
– $50 for each additional spread (2pages added at a time, up to 80pages total)
– The first round of edits is included. Additional changes will be billed at $100 an hour.

12×12 Upgrade – $300

Same great album just bigger, 24 pages – $50 for each additional spread (2pages added at a time, up to 80pages total)

Page Paper Options

Prices apply to 24 page albums
– Standard Luster Pages (included)
– Metallic Pages $100 + $10 for each additional spread
– Matte Pages $150 + $15 for each additional spread (favorite)

Leather Album Options

Prices apply to any size album
– SPINE HUBS (on the binding, purely decorative) $40
– CAMEO (5×5 centered photo inlay, not available on 5×5 albums) $60
– Embossing (per line, script or block lettering in silver or gold) $20
– Branding (per line, script or block lettering) $20

Parent Albums

– 5×5 Duplicate Album $300*
– 8×8 Duplicate Album $400* (recommended)
– 10×10 Duplicate Album $500*
– 12×12 Duplicate Album $600* only available w/ purchase of 12×12 client album
*Parent albums are discounted duplicates that are only available to clients who have ordered a JLB 10×10 wedding album – Starting at $900 (please see above). Price includes 24 pages. Additional pages, cover upgrades and paper upgrades will increase the cost of each parent album.


Premium Leather Colors

The availability of certain leather colors is subject to change without notice. These leather covers are gorgeous and soft but they do retain scratches. Over many years it will gain a distressed look.

Leather Album Covers
An important note about the leather covers: All of these natural leathers vary WILDLY in color, shine, texture, brightness, and contrast. They are not consistant like leather car seats. The books can’t be recovered if you don’t like how the leather came out. Embrace the random one-of-a-kindness. The following are all possible “Camel” leather outcomes, for example. 


The vegan friendly option are the Photo-Cover (Gloss or Matte). In addition to a photo we could make the cover a solid color, a pattern, or a custom design.

Guest Sign-In 8×8 Album – $400

jlbwedding engagement guest sign in album
Sign-In Albums are 8×8, lay flat, have a photo (or collage of photos) on the left and sign-in area on the right. You can get a photo wrap cover or any of the leather covers. Display your favorite images from the engagement session. THESE ARE REALLY NICE. Presentation packaging includes a pillowcase slipcover and a pen within a velvet slip.